True blues

Today at work (H&M) the campagne "True blues" started. It's a campagne around jeansitems. The floormanagers asked if we could dress ourselves preferable in jeans or the colours (red,blue, white) of the campagne. So another occasion for Freddies to come out the door. I matched them up with my new old favourite red polkadot belt, which only cost me €5, and that €5 I got from a skirt I sold, so basically the belt was for free!! With that I woar my polkadot T-shirt. I really love Freddies and polkadots!! The day started out with beautiful sunny weather and ended in boring rainy weather. But it's getting less colder, so we're coming closer to spring!!

1 comment:

  1. Nice cute and casual look. I love the ruffels on the shirt.

    XX Rosina Lee