Yesterday's dayoutfit

This is what I woar yesterday for work and my afterwork shoppingafternoon with my friend Rebecca. The blouse is new from H&M, I bought it last week. I allready had a similar model in black and couldn't resist to buy this one. In the picture you see that I made a single bow with the ribbon of the blouse. During the day, I was getting annoyed that the ribbon was still so long that it hung all the way on my skirt, which basically annoyed me as I said. So with the remaining ribbon I made a second bow, making that the ribbon wasn't reaching my skirt anymore and it immediatly gave a prettier look, sadly I don't have it on picture, but I'm certain I will wear the blouse again, so no worries!! With that I'm wearing one of my favourite vintage skirts. I really like the buttons on the side of the skirt, which you can't see in the picture unfortunatelly because it's on the left side of the skirt. The skirt is a great model of you want to go out dancing for the night!! The great about the skirt when I bought it is, that it had a stain on the bottom of the skirt, because of the stain, not certain if it would come out, I got €2 discount. Lucky for me, the stain come out with a bit of soap and water. On thing about working at H&M, is that it's really improving my confidence. This is manely because of compliments I get about my clothes from customers. The fun thing for me is also, when they ask me if the clothes I'm wearing are from H&M (hoping I'm going to say yes) that when I get to say "no, they're not, they're vintage", makes my day even better, knowing that I have unique clothes. These kind of things makes a gal go through a day with sometimes unpleasant customers, but otherwise I like my job!!

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