When I was looking through my closet during the week. I noticed that I had a white dress, that I hadn't worn in quite a while. This was because I thought it was a bit dull. It was completely white, white fabric, white belt, white buttons, a bit boring for me. Now I also remembered that about a year ago or so, I bought these vintage buttons but still hadn't used them. Now I had the idea to use them to revamp my white dress. And this is the result!! It's not a huge chance, but just with darker buttons, the dress has an attention point and then using a dark belt, I can really put focus on my waist as well, which goes for most 50s dresses, who are sinched in. So hopefully the dress will see more daylight from now on. Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my sunday, because tomorrow I have a working day of 10h which will be exhausting at the end, but tuesday is another free day from work! So time enough to blog, so see you all on tuesday!

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