Just a quick post, because I need to go to sleep. Had a good hairday the other day and I woar a new dress, LEOPARDDDDDD :) I love leopard. I will show you a better picture of the entire dress soon. But for now, here's my face :).

And a picture of my cutiepie FONZIE!!!


Sadness overload ...

This is the way I'm feeling lately. SAD SAD SAD......... Fuck it all !!!!

Cake and friends!!

A while ago, Hanne, one of my best friends, came over to eat Chocolate cake with strawberries made by me. The cake was YUMMY. And I love that girl to death, she's such a good good friend!!


Just wanted to entertain you with some pictures, hence I don't got much to say. Except that it's my birthday next weekend. Turning 25 and I'm going to have suchhhhhh a good time!!  Chinese food and drinks on friday and Old-School Rockabilly Psychosis on saturday, think Stressor, Lost Souls, Nekromantix, which means fun fun fun fun .......

Me wearing one of my favourite tops. Red of course, I bought it at H&M.

Me in my bathroom, with my hair loose. And my feet, with my pretty pretty tattoos...

And some pictures of me, wearing my FAVOURITE panties and bra, and showing off my pretty legs :). My thigh is more tattooed now by the way. 

ps sorry for the dry "blogging"spell ! Will reblog much more sooner!