Grey = Black & White

The worlds made of black and white. You gotta make your own shades of grey......


Weather winter blues, cold outside and cold hearted, oh miserable pain please go away...... Never mind the pain, gotta keep my head up. And hopefully in time it 'll all be alright. Keep dreaming, keep smiling, got nothing left to lose......


Winter blues

So longing for spring. Last week it was about 15 degrees and now it freezing and snowing AGAIN, fuck this !!! It makes me even more sad. But that doesn't mean, you have to dress like it's winter. Spring yellow and daisies in my hair.


Me eating a bagel with smoked salmon & herbs and drinking a delicious hot chocolatmilk. It was a nice day with Hanne, who's one of my best friends. (do mind the duckface, there was bagel in my mouth).


Recently I bought the best sweater ever FLAMINGO SWEATER !!! And cutie Fonzie in the living room.