It's summer time and it's time for loving!!!

Picnic by the waterside...

My sister and me went for a picnic yesterday. We found this cute spot by the water, which was really fun, but pretty hot, no shadow at all. But it was so relaxing tough....... Summer is so fun when you have nothing on your mind!! Ignore my hair in the photos :) my bangs were just a bit too hot at the moment. Photobucket
I found the perfect Barbie for the occasion, Picnic Barbie. Such a pretty outfit :)!!



My number one obsession with Sweden.

Sunny side up....

I'm enjoying summer so much right now. No obligations whatever, no school, no work..... just VACATION!!!!! I'm so excited to leave for Southern France in 2 weeks. It's gonna be so much fun. But until then I'm going to keep enjoying myself!! And I feel like going for a picnic.....yummy things and shiny weather.


Hunting time!!

Here are some detail pictures of my dress from graduation.... I love it so much !!! My hair was loose though for graduation. I tried to make curls but the curlers they weren't in long enough so they kind of looked ridiculous. Now it's time to look for a job :) it's gonna be an exciting hunt I hope!? Let's take a walk to the future!


Graduation day...

Today I'm graduating!! I'm so excited. The suspense yesterday was big but when they told me I passed everything you can't believe how happy I was. So tonight I can wear a new dress I bougth this week especially for graduation :). It's a great 50s dress. I'll put picture up later :) but tonight I'm going to enjoy my first night as a part of the real world :).

Cotton candy land

The fair on tuesday was fun. I got to enjoy good food and 6 good companiens. I'm always fascinated with all the pretty lights and the atmosphere at a fair. Photobucket Photobucket
I literally ate the world's largest hamburger ever :) but at the same time a very tasty one. And off course to seel the deal I had a cotton candy :). Who doesn't love cotton candy, pink sugar on a stick :) the best invention ever !!!


Let's go to the fair....

Tonight I'm going to the fair with my schoolfriends. We're graduating on thursday, so this will be our last evening together as fellow students.... I'm so excited to eat lot's and lot's of cotton candy, it's been so long since I've eating that. I'm sure it's gonna be so much fun. Photobucket

Stars and stripes...

This was yesterdays outfit..... One of my favourite skirts ever, underneath it is actually a dress, but it's a litte bit too short I think, but it makes a beautiful blouse. So maybe I'm going to shorting it, so I can use it above skirts as well. The combination of red and blue can never go wrong. All American colours.... jolly and fifties. Finally the sun is shining again in Belgium..... time for summer. Photobucket




Cupcake galore...

I made cupcakes for my friend Hanne for our shopping spree. Chocolatchip cupcakes covered with chocolate ganache and sprinkles.... so so yummy :). Photobucket


lot's and lot's of goodies

Some new thrift founds from last monday... I was in love with the shoes the minute I walked into the shop...they were placed onto a cabinet and it was like I heard "haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" the sounds of angels calling for the pretty shoes :) so I just couldn't resist. At only 14 € I was a great find. The dress has a beautiful neckline and the print is so fun. Yippie I didn't have a light blue dress yet :). The bow is from H&M (only 3 € for 2). Photobucket


Edward Scissorhands.....

I watch Edward Scissorhands a couple of days again.... I forgot how much I liked the movie. There's kind off a 50s feel in the movie. The neighborhoud, the cars, the clothes, the coulours..... I just like it all. Off course the movie being a Tim Burton movie, that's another reason why I like the movie. Tim Burton makes these wonderfull fantasizing movies..... like for example The Nightmare before Christmas. Photobucket Photobucket The houses and the cars in the street kind of remind me of a 50s pastel coloured Villeroy & Boch porcelain... Such pretty colours.... happy making colours.


Queen of leopard...

Don't we all love leopard..... I absolutely adore the girl in the picture. Her full red hair and the marvelous leopard bikini. Hopefully I'm going to look good too in my own leopard bikini and my red hair. I'm sure I'll feel pretty..... it's hardly impossible not to look nice in leopard. The bikini is H&M, it fits perfectly......hopefully I can wear it soon, because the sun ain't shining much here lately in Belgium. Photobucket



Some glimpses of today's outfit. The shoes aren't vintage, they're from H&M and were 30€. I absolutely adore them.


Cupecake heaven....

Vintage paradise...

Photobucket Some details of my own room. I find it my own vintage paradise. You see some of my collection of design books, vintage purses, vintage tin cans. The perfect jewelry box made out of sheer and embroidery, it's the cutest thing I've ever owned.


I hate rainy days

I want summer !!!! Nothing but crappy weather!!!


kitty cat miauw....

I love old childrens books. Especially with little kitty cats in them. The little girls hair, kind of looks like mine, only longer.


Desining the future..........
My furniture design is finally done!!!! I'm so proud of myself :) it just looks amazing. If I can say it myself. Holiday is almost here !! The pictures underneath this is a side cabinet, 2 of them, along side a chimney piece.



I've been listenig to old movies music all day long. In the old days there still was effort to making an entertaining movie. Even without speaking they're so lovely. I just love em!!!


If you don't know them yet, you should really check them out. The seatsniffers, a belgian Roots music/Rockabilly/Blues band. They're really good. http://www.myspace.com/theseatsniffers


Danger danger, moos in room !!

Moooooo!!! said the moos to all the other reindeers. This is like the coolest thing ever, and it's moosing in my room. :)

Outfit of the day!

Just some pictures of today's outfit. The dress that I'm wearing is one of the dresses I bought 2 weeks ago in the thrift shop where everything was 2€. Luckuly I found it, because it was hidden between the mens section :) but I got it anyways. I didn't even have to alter it :).
The hairclip is new as well. It brightens up a boring hairdo in a second. The bottom of the dress has a lace border which makes it extra pretty and girly at the same time.


Rouge's design

In a quick sketch, this what i'm making for school, only 5 days to go and I have to hand it in. Hopefully they will like it. It's a desk + 2 storagecupboards which are besides a chimney piece. It's so amazing to see how it all comes together...


Popsicles flopsicles....

Summer time....

Summer is here and I love it!!! I'm almost done with schoolwork and then I'm free to do whatever I want! Eat popsicles all day long and sing lot's of summer songs.
Everybody have a rocking summer !!


Tiny little miracle...

My sister found a great song of Brenda Lee on youtube. She's only 12 years old here!!! A little singing miracle...!!