Cooking for real housewifes !!!

I bought the prettiest cook books on Etsy ever !!!!! Can't wait to cook something out of them !!

Redddddd hot

A while ago, I bought the prettiest red bathing suit ever!!! Still haven't got the opportunity to wear it. Even though it's been like 38degrees in Belgium. Work work work work work is stupid !!! Otherwise I would have gone swimming a lot !!!

Some random pictures of my awesome summer so far !!

Ok the first picture isn't really a summer picture!! It's one during winter, but I just discovered it on my friends Instagram and just had to show you. You can see me in the top right corner, trying to skateboard. When you're wearing a pencil skirt and flats, you won't succeed !!! So, that's about the most you'll ever see of me on a skateboard !! 

Then, these are 2 pictures, of the most amazing weekend in Germany at Kustom Kulture Forever (where I met my boyfriend by the way :) hihihi ). One is a picture of me and my dear dear friend Hanne!!!! And the other is me at the bottom with the prettiest scenery behind me!! And the group of boys on the left, were the cool guys we hung out with (including my boyfriend in the brown jacket on the right :) oehlalala ). 

And last but not least, an instagram picture of me and 3 of my friends, when we got together at Hanne's place !!! To eat yummy fries and burgers and stuff ...... The top ones are .... left Karen right Jana. And then the bottom ones ..... left Hanne and right Me off course :).

Summer !!

Summer is here !!! Well it's been so for a while now :) but like I told you, I'm having too much fun to blog at the moment. But I said I was going to post stuff, so this is the start !!! Tomorrow is lazy sunday, so more the follow :) normally if I don't forget !! 

First off, I've been enjoying my outside space a lot !!! Together with kitty Fonzie !!  One of my beautifull lemonade glasses and my awesome sunglasses case !!!
Fonzie needs to be on a leash, otherwise he would get poisoned by some idiot in my street. So Fonzie needs to stay close to me !!!

Baked myself some yummy yummy chocolate sticky cake !!! 

And me behind some ribbons :) !!