doves on polkadots

This is the outfit I woar yesterday night, to go to a friends birthday party. The wrap blouse I'm wearing I made myself out of an old blouse. I just cut off the long sleeves and the length of the blouse and made into a cute wrap blouse. I'm also wearing my new white doves brooch. I also bought red flats on friday, they absolutely have a perfect shade of red. For once I asked my mom to take a picture of me, so you could see my pretty Freddies properly for once. I'm really really glad I decided to buy them!! Couldn't live without Freddies anymore. The birthday party was really fun! Ate homemade lasagne which was delicious, drank white wine and partied all night long. Which resulted that I had a little hangover this morning :). Getting home at 5 am and getting out at 9.30am to go to a fleamarket :). But I did find some great things, so I didn't get out for nothing.

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  1. oh dearie you're a fiery redhead after my lil' ol' heart! love, love, love the outfit!!!