Late birthday

Previous saturday, I went to my niece Dorien. We went thrift shopping to 4 different thrift shops. Allthought my birthday was in November, I still had to get my present from my niece, which was to buy things at thrift shops for a certain budget. These are things I've found until now. I found 2 purses. One is a chinese round one, made out of some kind of wood. It's in mint condition. Then the other purse is a little cute purse, which has anchers on the inside. Then I also found the prettiest magazine stand ever made out of bamboo. Last but not least, I also found a little "picture" of a white bird made out of plastic, which sits on a wooden board. Then I also bought 3 belts during sales myself. A blue/white and red/white striped ones and a light blue one with a bow in the front, all 3 come form h&m, I only paid 75 cents each.
Today I'm going to a friends birthday party, I think I'm going to wear my new pretty dress from ebay (the pink and purple one).

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