Gasketblowers Greaserfest

The past weekend, on saturday, I went to a tiny festival, called Gasketblowers Greaserfest !! The weather was nice, the bands were good, yummy food and awesome company. I went together with Anneleen, but met up with one of my best friends Hanne as well. I really had so much fun!! Here are some pictures for you. There were some pretty awesome cars to look at, so so pretty all of them. But one was my favourite, a mintgreen Chevrolet (scroll down for picture).

Love yourself the way you are.... !

I'm trying to like every bit of myself while falling in love with this boy......... He's touched my soul in a place I never thought would happen. Even if he doesn't want me anymore, I will always try to keep this feeling in my mind !! This thing called love might actually happen for once.....


Tattoos not the blues

Feeling extremely happy the past 3 weeks !! Thanks to a boy ^^

Fool n°1

Ok my cat's officially an idiot !! He even sits like humans, if you look at the second picture !

Jack in the box

Fonzie has a new toy. A cardbord box :).


Lazy  sundays are the best !! Laying on my bed with my laptop and Fonzie the kitty cat !! In the background you can see al my dresses !! And still I think I don't have enough dresses.



Just a quick post to show you the outfit I wore yesterday. My favourite light blue shirt and a new black and white checked circle skirt.


I bought a very very cute T-shirt :).