I cut my bangs today and wore my new pretty light pink earrings. Tomorrow I'm going to Ikea, my mom needs stuff for the living room that's just been repainted/wallpapered. I'm tagging along to search for cute & funny stuff.


Meet Johnny Suede !

I found the most funny and, at the same time, most wonderfull thing ever!! It's a rockabilly Brad Pitt. This is the first time that I've ever seen or found something about this movie. I found it by accident on google when I was watching rockabilly pictures. There he was, looking pretty between the rest. I sure have to say that this is by far my favourite Brad Pitt ever!! Now I only have to find the movie, so I can watch it. You should all look it up !! He even sings in the movie !


Girls night out

Saturday I went to the movies with one of my good friends Marij. We first went for a drink. Good atmosphere and good company.... We ordered a snack, the best I've ever eaten !!! It were fried shrimps, so crunchy, so yummy, I licked my fingers until there was nothing left anymore! We went to see "The Hangover". It was quit funny but not the best movie ever, but still I enjoyed myself. A genuine girls night out is always fun to do !! In one the picture you can see the panties of 25 cent, I talked earlier about. It thought it was going to be a seam in the back but it was a side seam. Suprising but really nice though! It kind of makes your legs look like va-voooom !!


Cry baby....

My mom just bought the cd of Cry Baby for me. Unfortunatelly, I have to wait 2 weeks for it to arrive. But it's worth the patience :). I love Johnny !!!


Oh deery me !!

I finally found a glass from Babycham and I only payed 50 cent for it. I'm as happy as a clam :). Again something to expand my deer collection.


It's a fairytale come true!!

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt in 1 movie! They could not have thought of anything prettier. A girl with amazing style and the cutest boy alive !! I so want to watch this movie !! But I still have to wait patiently for it to come out in Belgium.


Sweets for me !

These are the things that I found at the thrift stores this weekend. The purse was too good to be true !! I only paid 5 euros for it. Silly people :) they could ask so much more for it, oh well, better for me! I also found this lovely strong fabric, don't know what I'm going to make out of it. It would make a killer dress the fabric, but unfortunatelly I can't sew, so someone else would have to do that for me. Then for when I have my own place I bought a bathroom set for only 1,75 euro. And also kind of tiki coasters. They're made from bamboo and each one has a butterfly inside (fake ones though), there are 2 of each butterfly. I fell in love with them the minute I layed my eyes upon them. Oohh how I love thrifting :).


Hats galore!!

Here it is then, the glimpse of my hat collection. Far too small I think, but I'm working on it, to enlarge it bit by bit... It's a mixture of hats I bought, made or received. Unfortunatelly, some of my new hats I can't wear now, because they're summer hats and seeing that fall is sneeking in, it would be a bit weird to wear a summer hat. Reasons more to buy more fall/winter hats to enlarge my collection :).
I'm so proud of my self-made hat. It's the first one that I made, can't believe it worked so well. I even have gotten compliments about it, telling me it was such a lovely hat.
Then my lovely veiled hats :). Dramatic yet glamourous. Just have to pimp the veil a bit for daily use. Because I'm just getting into the hat-wearing. I'm not that brave yet to let the veil hang down. But no worries :) I will find an occassion to wear the veil down.


Thrifting !!

Friday, I went to my favourite niece Dorien. We had a blast together. We read some of my letters when I was younger that I sent to her, some were hilarious some were so sweet as candy. One letter was from when I was 8 years old, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen !! I stayed the night and we talked a lot !!! But then again it had been almost 2 months since we'd seen each other, in my book that's way too LONG!!! On saturday we went to almost every thrift store in the area of where she lives (in total 3). It really was so much fun !!! Because it was so much fun I forgot to take pictures :). As you would expect, off course I did find some nice things. Besides the things I found, I also got a present from my niece, well actually 2 presents, you'll see tomorrow when I post about all the great things I found in the thrift stores :). Besides posting about what I received and found, I'm also going to post about my hat collection that's getting bigger by the minute :) sort of speak. So that's all ready for you ladies and gentlemens for tomorrow!! Until then, have a nice relaxing sunday to you all !! Photobucket


All for me!

Last weekend, I went shopping by myself so that I could take a good rummage through the clothes. Thinking that it was an ordaniry shopping day without sales, I walked to the thrift shop. But then when I arrived at the shop, I couldn't believe what I saw. On the window were signs that everything was a maximum of 3 euros :). So you can believe how happy I was, seeing that I didn't expect a sale at all. The 4 coloured striped dress must be my favourite item that I bought that day. It will go perfectly with my new pretty shoes I posted earlier about :) which by the way arrived yesterday!! Unfortunatly I still have to wait until tomorrownight to wear them, because I could hardly go cleaning in my new pretty shoes :) can't I. I also bought a 50s pink & white striped dress, it kind of has a diner dress feel to it, I think. Pink ladies style, I can go with my new pink bolero :) just have to find out with what item I already have it will go with, but I'm definitely going to find a perfect combination !! I also bought a simple skirt, with fine red & black stripes, it also has pleads in the front, but you can't see it on the picture. My last and final item of clothes I bought at the thrift store is a perfect long sleeved bolero in red & black, which I think would go perfectly with a black high waisted skirt, what will be my next buy !! Other than the thrift store I also went to H&M. There I found this darling t-shirt in black & white with polkadots and ruffles in the front and it's also sinched in at the waist. I also bought a high waisted light blue with polkadots pantie but it's already in the washing machine, it's so pretty I couldn't wait to where it.
I also bought 2 purses at the thrift store. The black one with the red flower is so funny :) it's made out of a kind of plastic. You either hate it or you love it! I LOVE it !! I thought it was the funniest bag I've ever seen. The blue one in the back, has very pretty details! It's simple but classy! The red one in front I didn't buy at the thrift store, but I bought that at a local indoor flea market. I only paid 30 cent for it. The lady I bought it from said 50 cent and I said okay, but I think she misunderstood me as I was saying "mmmmm" meaning I don't know and suddenly she said oohh okay then 30 cent, so I was happy as a clown. The fun thing is I already had it in black :) so now I have a red one and a black. How cool is that!!! Photobucket


Pretty shoes


Here are some things I bought recently at thrift stores or flea markets. The 50s blue and white ottoman, I bought at a flea market and I only paid 2 € for it. I was as happy when I saw it as a little kid in a toy store. Especially when I saw the price I wanted to dance all day long. You can also see my new leopard gloves I bought at H&M. They're a longer model which goes perfectly with my green shorter sleeved coat. Next to the gloves you can see a pretty faux fur collar. And what makes it extra special is that the name " Els Verstreken" is stitched inside, so it's quit nostalgic. As it is becoming more and more fall weather I also bought a faux fur headband. I found a great record of "The Ratmen". It's a rockabilly band that started in the eighties and are from Belgium :) my country. They don't play anymore but that doesn't matter :) I love them anyway. Yet again I found figurines of some animal , a mom and 2 children (this time dogs) with chains hooking them on each other, this is allready the 4th one I found so far. I really like 'em and hope to find more and more...... I also bought panties for 25 cent in navy blue with a special seem in the back, not just a line but a pattern, haven't tried them on though :) but it's getting cold, so we'll soon find out of there nice. Then off course one of my favourite finds between the bunch is an old power box with a mirror, it's even gold :). I removed the old powder, now I'm questioning if I'm going to put now powder in or not. So there you go, these were some of my lovely finds......... some time this week I'm going to show you new/vintage clothes and hats !!!


Clean as a whistle !!

I'm finally making some money !! It was about time, I was as broke as broke can be. I'm doing a student job working as a cleaning lady. It's not all that bad, but it pays very well !! I won't be able to blog that much for the next week because of my cleaning lady responsibilities :) but be ready for some fun blogs. I'm going to blog about hats :) ones I made myself, got from family and the one I bought in France. Besides that I'm going to blog about faboulous things I got at a fleamarket. So that is all to come within a weeks time. Enjoy the rest of your week everybody !