Live bait

That's what I'm feeling like.... 


just stuff

Don't really have much to say. But gonna put some pictures up to keep you entertained, while I search for inspiration for this blog. Little dead at the moment. But here some temporary entertainment for ya .... 

First off a photobooth picture of myself, a recent one, this one is going to be on my ID card! Finally not 16 looking anymore on my ID. 

Second off, been missing this girl too much lately. She was such a good friend for a year and now I haven't seen her for 3 months. Which is weird cause I saw her almost every day. 


 Third, these are still my favourite summer shorts. Suprisingly make me feel sexy in them. 

and final looking forward to spending more time at my appartement this summer with my friends.


Fonzie again!

Some new pictures of Fonzie :). A late merry christmas picture from Fonzie :). He likes to sit in the sink and wait for water to come out and he likes the heat on his bottom.


New Years' Eve was so much fun!!! We had a vegetarian dinner at a friends place and I provided the dessert, a white and dark chocolate oreo-cookie pie. Everything was DELICIOUS!!! A lot of drinks were consumed !! We watched fireworks in the middle of the street (illegal or not :) I don't care). And at the end we went barhopping and danced all night. After dancing all night long :) until 7AM, we went for some morning kebab dining. It was super delicious!! Chicken kebab at 7AM. Eventually we went asleep at 8AM, so we had fun :). Here are some pictures of the night.