New bag!

This is one of the things I bought in the last 2 days.... I saw this bag a while ago on Linnea's old blog (new blog = http://moncheriblogg.blogg.se/). I thought it was such a cute bag !! Very original too, how I would love one of my own, I thought. Now yesterday in of the secondhand shops I go to, there it was the same bag as Linnea, so pretty! Now this is the second vintage thing, I've found that I've seen on Linnea's blog. I like it, because she's a good inspiration !!

Scaaaaaaaaaaaary Mary!

Happy Halloween

Beware the eyes, that paralyze !!


Foolish Telouis !!

This is how my sister's cat Teloula lies on the rooftop underneath my window !! She's a real fool, foolish Telouis !!

Today's outfit...

This is what I woar today! I really like that t-shirt!! It's comfy and glamourous at the same time, what isn't to love !! Today I bought some fun stuff at the thrift store, which I'm going to show you tomorrow or saturday.


Ghost wandering in the garden

The ghost in the garden was wearing the same outfit as me today!! My new dress!!

Halloween 2

Halloween is almost here!! Time for spooky movies.... Last week my sister Evelien and me, allready went on a spooky trip. We went to the cinema to watch Halloween 2, from Rob Zombie. That's his latest movie and it just came out last week here in Belgium. The movie really was great !! A lot more gory than the original Halloween movies, which kind of suck in my opinion, but Rob Zombie's take on Halloween is fantastic !! And as usual Rob Zombie used his wife Cherry Moon Zombie again in his movie. All you horrorfanatics out there, that haven't watch the movie yet, please do go and watch it !!
The mask and all was more realistic in Rob Zombie's movie than the original !!



A week ago I became an aunt. My oldest sister Nathalie give birth to a beautiful boy, named Pirate Jasper :). Ok it's just Jasper, but we call him pirate Jasper. Because it's a boy, I used baby blue for the text instead this time.


New dress!!

This past saturday I went to dinner with a couple of my friends. It's was very cozy! I had the Tagliatelle Diabolic, mmmm it had big shrimps in it with a spicy sauce, so delicious!! Now one of my friends Daisy (which by the way, looks a lot like alisha lauren from vintage, my love) works in a small second hand store like Oxfam. She bought a dress there for only € 2,25. After she bought it, she doubted if it suited her, but then she thought of me :). She brought the dress on saturday, and when I tried it on, it was like it was made many years ago especially for me!! It was a perfect fit, length and all, seeing that I'm only 1m60 tall, it ain't so easy to find dresses that aren't too long for me. It's such a pretty fabric and all. I allready know I'm going to wear it a lot !! So THANK YOU Daisy :).


For me...

These are some things I bought a while ago. A beautiful red wintercoat !! I really love it, if you look closely (the picture ain't that clear) you can see that the buttons are golden with anchers on them !! Who wouldn't love that. Another pretty winterthing is my oohh christmastree/jingle bells poncho/cape :). It has a golden metal string in the collar, which makes it extra christmasy. If I would pair it with white boots, I would really feel and look like Mrs Claus :). Pairing them up with my leopard gloves is gonna be so pretty!! Now one of my favourite new dresses !! In the picture it's quiet blue, but it's actually lime green and grey. Oohh how I love lime green, when I've earned some more money, I'm going to paint my room in lime green and pink !! Last but not least, this is not from a while ago, I only bought it friday at work. A leopard bag, very handy for those cozy get-aways or sleepovers. I'm working in a shoe/bag store at the moment (unfortunatelly not vintage). I'm doing this to keep myself busy and not to sit at home all the time, which I hate by the way. And I can't go shopping every day, otherwise my money would not last at long time.


Back in France

Finally here it is !! The second part of pictures of my vacation in France. My sister Evelien and me, really get along very well !! As it shows in the pictures :).
Me during the holiday! It was such a coincidence when we went on a day trip, that I came around this shop called "La Petite Maison Rouge" like it was meant for me to walk by. You can also see Michel in one of the picture. He was the cat that lived in the meadow behind our holidayhouse. He was so cute !! We fed him cheese and hotdogweeners and boy! did he love it !! This was much more delicious then the lizzards (there were thousands of lizzard in the meadow and on the porch) he ate.
I'm not such a sportive person, but we went canoeing!! It was so much fun. Sailing down the quiet river, birds by the water, little fish swimming around our canoe. I really enjoyed it. It would be great to go back ! (and oh yes, my cd from Cry Baby arrived yesterday :) woohoo)


Follow me....

Although it's not that much, I'm happy to say that I've reached 5 followers :) wooohooo. I'm really happy for this pretty number!! I even found a funny picture on google to go with it.


Long long time ago .....

I don't know if you remember my post about my holiday to France and that I said that the second part was going to come.... Well now almost 2 months too late !! I finally got the pictures from my other sisters camera. So some time this week you will finally see the second part of the pictures of my holiday :). Luckilly by being late, I can bring some sunshine into the fall :).
I also wanted to share with you, the funniest thing I've ever seen on a car boot sale. And off course I couldn't resist to take him home for only 2€. Besides him being too funny not to take home, donkeys have always been my second favourite pet. First pretty kitties off course !!



This friday I went to the opening of the shop, Kap 32, from 2 of my best friends (jana and hanne). It really looked amazing!! This is a photo from me and Karen enjoying the party and free champagne! I'm wearing one of my favourite new dresses.
photo (c) bert hofmans


Mine all mine.....

At was a long time, since I bought anything on the internet, this mainly because I needed to save my money more. But now, I've made some money and I rewarded myself with little gifts. These haircombs I've been luring at for I don't know how long, and lucky for me, nobody else bought them. And then this super cute bycicle brooch, I so love it !! Now I have to wait until it arrives.


Vanity chair !

A while ago I saw the most beautiful vanity chair ever !! Ooohh how I wanted a similar or maybe exactly the same. First I saw the chair on Linnea's former blog http://www.glamour.se/blogg/vintage/index.xml and after that I saw almost exactly the same one on Hannah Kristinametz's flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/hannahkristinametz/3124012976/ . I could not have been more jealous.
Today I went to apply for a job in a second hand shop (furniture and pretty things) and there it was !! The prettiest thing I've ever seen. It was almost exactly the same chair as I saw on both blogs. The only down side is that the fabric ain't as nice as those 2, but that's something I could always revamp myself :). So you can imagine I was as happy as a clam when I saw that pretty chair standing there proudly to be bought by ME!!! And off course I did !!


Woodland Creatures ...

The weather was kind of sad today, so i decided to bake cookies with my new cookie cutters from Ikea. They're all figures of woodland creatures. So cute !! Then I decorated them with frosting and lots of sprinkles in different colours and tastes !! They really turned out very yummy. It was a simple recepy as well.
Recepy: 30 g Butter (I melted my butter), 60 g Sugar, 1/2 egg, 2 g baking powder, 150 g Flower, Vanilla sugar, Milk ( this you need to use to make your dough moisturize your dough, you have to watch out that you don't put to much milk in it, or your dough will be too sticky and you will have to add flower again). The order of the ingredients is the order of how I made the cookies. Final, you have to bake them at 180° - 200° for about 10 min, this depending on how large your oven is. Because my oven at home is quite big, they were in for 15 min. The cookies don't get a lot of colour, so don't be afraid to take them out when they're quite pale, that's just how they're meant to be! Have fun baking !!

The best kind there is !

This is a picture from last august on Mother's Day. It's me and my favourite niece ever, Dorien!! We went to help our grandmother make the food for that day. Because of that we got to wear funny aprons like the ones my grandmother always wears. My niece said at one moment that every time she looked in the corner of her eye she thought our grandmother was standing besides her, but really it was me. We sure had a great laugh that day !! Every time I see this picture it really makes me giggle ! I'm also wearing my home made hat in the picture, it's not all that clear but oh well :). Next week me and my niece are going out to dinner together, as a second part of her birthday present. I allready know it's going to be so much fun !! The outfit the lady is wearing in the picture, I would love to own such a suit, it's so perfect, it's fits like a glove, so flattering, but that's gonna be a long search !


Heaven !

I've been eating m&m's since friday night and I love it :). The pretty colours and the chocolately flavours, can you say yummm !