Inglorious Bastards !!

Saturday I went to see Inglorious Bastards, the new movie from Quentin Tarantino. Yet again it was a masterpiece that he made. It was both exciting as it was funny. I really enjoyed the movie, everybody who hasn't been over to see the movie really should go. It's a faboulous movie and faboulous movies don't come around that often anymore. Off course Brad Pitt's accent in the movie is hilarious!! A few pretty clothes, hats or shoes from that era are shown as well in the movie. So I really recommend him!!!!


Jiving with my gals !

Here are the pictures from Pukkelpop !!! I still get sad thinking it is over, which I could turn back time and relive it again !!
The weather was absolutely faboulous the whole weekend !! Except for one night we had poring rain, but it was quit refreshing I might add :).
Those 3 gals are the craziest, funniest girls you could ever wish for !! I love 'em so much.
Good atmosphere and yummy food what more can a person ask for :). Sometimes there were peeping toms luring at our luscious bosoms, quit funny I might add.



Good song to listen to when you're frustrated !!


Feeling festive!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, it's because I've been busy enjoying myself so much !!! From wednesday until sunday I went to the best Belgian festival there is !!! PUKKELPOP!! I had the most amazing time ever!! Together with 3 of probably the best friends you could ever wish for, it wasn't possible to go wrong! And right I was. It may have been the best 5 days of the entire summer until now, I don't believe it can get any better than that. I just love those 3 gals so much !! Couldn't life without 'em. Lot's of kisses to Jana, Karen and Hanne. This is too you from me :) (Buste) haha. Pictures of those amazing 5 days will come up some time this week. Until then enjoy your week everybody!!!

Crazy for you...

This song exactly describes how I feel about him, it really drives me crazy :).


Red headed woman !

A song after my heart !!


Bathing Beauty ....

This weekend I saw a very glamourous movie!!! It's called Bathing Beauty, it's from 1944 and it's in Techni color. I really enjoyed watching it! You should all take a look at it. The music, the clothes all so faboulous, unfortunately there weren't any hats in the movie. But still it was very glamourous, very enjoyable !! Photobucket
You can all watch a trailer of the movie here!!


Tenacious D...

Jack Black is so funny. I just love everything he does!


Stripes on marshmallows...

Today I wore a skirt I got from Jana, one of my best friends. It's a pale yellow high-waisted skirt with a pleaded border on the bottom of the skirt. The colour really reminds me of yummy, fluffy marshmallows. I matched it with my new cardigan I got yesterday. It only cost me 8 euros. It's red and white striped, totally love it, now I can sail away with a little boat. My necklace is a locket with a drawing of Alice in wonderland "Alice looks for the key". I totally love it, I bought it at www.ilovevintage.nl, that's a site from holland with vintage as well as new stuff. The new jewelry is really sweet. You should all really check it out! If you look close to the picture of my necklace, you can see a bit of Betty Boop peeping through my shirt :). Photobucket


I want to suck your blood!!

I'm so in the mood to see an old dracula movie !! It's been so long. Even though it's a thriller there's still a certain glamourous feel about the old ones. I don't think the new ones compare a bit with the old. Just the tension of the old ones, off course the humour of those old movies. There's nothing I love more.......... Photobucket


La france "1"

Finally some pictures from my holiday in France. This is just part 1 of the pictures, I still haven't got all of them. We had such an amazing view, it was to die for. The location was so peacefull and relaxing. The only thing we could see was green and animals. It sure was "A room with a view".
I really enjoyed the atmosphere in France. The beautiful monuments, fountains and the most beautiful merry-go-round that I've ever seen.
On the 14th of july, we went to Bordeaux to celebrate the National Holiday of France. For that occasion all the army and navy boys came out in their perfect little uniforms. It's ovious that these things are still very important to France. Bordeaux is such a cozy and warm city. Because of the National Holiday there was fireworks, which was along the waterside, what made it even more beautiful. The french really are the best if you want to see beautiful fireworks.
Photobucket Photobucket
Because of the nice weather, we could sit outside every night just enjoying the view, drinking wine and playing cards.
Be tuned for part "2"