Today I had a free day from work. I made something I've been planning to do for some time now. Some time ago I bought 3 hats on the internet, one of them was absolutely beautiful, another one sadly too small for me, but pretty to hang in my bedroom and the third I didn't really fancy. But if there's one thing I don't like to throw money away! Ok, I buy a lot of things but 99% of the time I use everything I buy, but this hat I really didn't fancy at all. So today I remade this hat into a little pretty hat, excellent for springweather. So today my hopes for sunshine and summerdresses only grew bigger. Please mind the dull hairdo in the pictures, once that I buy myself hairrollers, mousse and setting lotion the hat will sit pretty in a voluptuous curly hairdo, or so I hope so. The only thing I have to buy for the hat is a haircomb so that it stays in place. Then some sunny weather, curly hair and off we go. This is the result. I'm quite proud of it. I didn't use all of the flowers, only white once, but with the remaining white flowers, red flowers and leafs I'm planning to make a brooch out of it. Also very suitable for spring or summer. Also please mind the bad photos, I'm longing for a camera to take pretty pictures for my blog, but I seem to rather buy pretty clothes instead. Ooohh well, some day :). Also the third picture of the new result, were I'm not wearing the hat, the feather sits perfectly but I wanted good light, since my camera can't photograph well, I stuck out my arm out the window, but it was quite windy, hence the result of the feather. I promise once I get the chance to wear my pretty little hat, I'll let someone else take a picture, so you can have a propper view of the hat.

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