just an outfit hello

Just a quick look at my outfit I woar yesterday. I'm really into light pink and mint green lately. Those 2 colours together makes a perfect combination in my book !! My mom also shortened the lining of my pretty skirt, because came peeping at the bottom. But now it's in perfect shape again!! The skirt really has a perfect 50s shape to it, with the necessary fluff, but not too much, without wearing a petticoat, couldn't be better!! And of course, one of my favourite cardigans, my fluffy pink one!! Which I've only paid €3 for, i love it! Oh yeah, please excuse my squeezy eyes, it was only 8 am, so I was still a bit tired.
Unfortunatelly, I hardly wear my brooches, because I have to wear a badge with my name at H&M, which prevents me of wearing my oohh so pretty brooches. Speaking of brooches, I bought an old new one this weekend for only €1 and the best part is, that it's shaped like a bow and it's golden!! I will show you the brooch as soon as I have the time. Probably thursday, then I have the day off. Until then, enjoy the rest of the week.

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