Weelchair Sue and the gang!!

A cool picture of me and my friends :) I was already drunk here, so thank god you couldn't see !!

Awesome Fonzie

Of course, couldn't leave fonzie out :). Prettiest baby in the world !!! <3 br="">


Just some random pics of me, during the past months..... I'm starting to get used to wearing my hair lose lately. Not that much though :), it takes time hahah :).

See through love

I bought myself some new lingerie again. Feeling sexy in this one :). And for once, maybe someone is going to see it, except for me :). As my love life, has gotten interesting the past 2 months. Lets say, Germany is my good luck charme apparantly :).

hello again !!

Yessss, I'm still alive :) just didn't have the time or energy to blog something. But here we go.... some new stuff.....

This is a picture of my all time favourite outfit at the moment. I just love love love this jacket soooo much. I hope to find some more like this !!!