The Fonz(ie)

Just another *Fonzie & Me* picture :). And afterwards Fonzie posing for the camera. Plus, I had a good hairday I might add.

Panthers !!!

I bought this dress last week. It's a light, flowy dress with an open back in a deep purple. AND it's full of PANTHERS!!! If it were kitties it would've been even better, but I can settle with panters :). I'll show you a better picture soon.


Weirdo !

Fonzie looks like a serial killer in this one :). Beware the eyes that paralize......

Hairdo flairdo (sorry, was in need to rhyme)

I discovered a new kind of faux-kind-of-bangs, 5 minutes before I went to SLEEP. Isn't that typical, that your hair is just about to look gorgeous when nobody's going to see it ??!! But I took a swift picture, without make-up so ignore that one :). I wouldn't put in the bow if I'd try the hairdo again. But then again, I was just experimenting.