Norman Reedus overload, can't get enough of this man ! And he's freaking awesome in "The Walking Dead" playing Daryl !! Fucking sexy man !

Sleepy baby

Looks like he's sleeping while standing :). Funny baby makes me laugh !



Can I be your bunny, baby??!! I got these pretty bunny ears for my birthday last month. Love them!! 

Still feeling lonely and sad though :(.



Just a quick post, because I need to go to sleep. Had a good hairday the other day and I woar a new dress, LEOPARDDDDDD :) I love leopard. I will show you a better picture of the entire dress soon. But for now, here's my face :).

And a picture of my cutiepie FONZIE!!!


Sadness overload ...

This is the way I'm feeling lately. SAD SAD SAD......... Fuck it all !!!!

Cake and friends!!

A while ago, Hanne, one of my best friends, came over to eat Chocolate cake with strawberries made by me. The cake was YUMMY. And I love that girl to death, she's such a good good friend!!


Just wanted to entertain you with some pictures, hence I don't got much to say. Except that it's my birthday next weekend. Turning 25 and I'm going to have suchhhhhh a good time!!  Chinese food and drinks on friday and Old-School Rockabilly Psychosis on saturday, think Stressor, Lost Souls, Nekromantix, which means fun fun fun fun .......

Me wearing one of my favourite tops. Red of course, I bought it at H&M.

Me in my bathroom, with my hair loose. And my feet, with my pretty pretty tattoos...

And some pictures of me, wearing my FAVOURITE panties and bra, and showing off my pretty legs :). My thigh is more tattooed now by the way. 

ps sorry for the dry "blogging"spell ! Will reblog much more sooner!



Finally after 2 years, I found the perfect bed. It's sooo pretty, I'm even daydreaming about it :) or other things shhhhhhhh, don't tell. Oh yeah and Fonzy being ever soooo cute :). He was miauuwwing and I didn't know why, well it was because I put a stuffed toy on his red boxes, once I took the toys off, Mr Fonzy was happy :)!! Spoiled little baby!


 My perfect sunday leopard oufit :) which is super cozy by the way. And fonzy getting ready to go to the Vet. The funny thing is, I put the box in the middle of the livingroom and the silly idiot crawled in by himself. Not that's an easy kittycat if you tell me!!



I bought myself a kittycat :)!! And he's just darling!! It's a sacred Birman, so he's darn cute cause he's got babyblue eyes !!! I called him Fons, but he's allready got a thousand nicknames :) Fonzie, Fonzieponzie, Baby, Bubba, .... I love him !! He does love lying in the sunshine, playing with the strings behind my couch and crawling into my neck. He's so cute, I even let him sleep with me in my bed :).


Sunday loving....

It's sunday and it's time to ........

Tastes like CANDY

Taste my candy-coated heart!



I've been longing for your touch so long now. It drives me crazy and makes me want to hide myself from all the heartache and pain. There is no point in trying to change or trying to get closure. Cause all you do is haunt my mind with dirty little thoughts. The sad is thing is you don't even know, know how much I could love you and give you the world. You'd rather go from skank to skank, while me, the scardy cat, hides in a little corner, keeping her secret until the day she dies.


Even pretty things go to waste ....

Roses are red......

violets are blue, but all I want to do is get away from the bullshit that is you !!!
I've been thinking about so many things, but the most stressfull part of it, is thinking about someone, who doesn't know you're thinking about him. He's surrounded by a lot of drama at the moment, so what's the point in even trying to make him notice me. 



Hush little girl, don't you cry .....



A week ago, I had a bbq with 2 of my lovely friends, Celine and Sue. We had a cozy day/evening, filled with yummy things and liquour!!! 

Ready to put the meat on the grill, baby!!!

Yummy yum yum even though it looks a little bit burned hahahah

MMMMM wine! 

Let's eatttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!

Popping some champagne!

 And enjoying it.....

Sue being proud of her tiny overnight suitcase! 

What's a bbq without some ice-cream!!

Love those babies!!



Who wears short shorts??!!

I wear short shorts!! Normally I do not wear short shorts, but I'm loving these ones so much right now. The fabric is super comfortable and I'm loving the way I look in it.


Only the lonely

When I'm feeling down and alone, I feel naked and deprived of my dignity! 

And I love my tattoo on my thigh so much!! Still isn't finished though! x