La fille d'O

La fille d'O is the most beautiful lingerie brand I know. The designer is Murielle Scherre, a girl from Belgium, living in Gent. Unfortunately, it's a bit expensive for me. But when I find work, it will be one of the first things I'm going to buy. If you want to see more of it, you can find it on www.lafilledo.com or www.myspace.com/lafilledo.
Underneath this are some photos of the shop in Gent and a photo of Murielle Scherre, the brain behind La fille d'O.


Home sweet home

I'm back from France. It was really fun, nice weather, bbq all the time, glasses of wine and a nice view. What more do you want on holiday. We went to Bordeaux for the National Holiday of France, which I dressed myself in red, blue and white for, if you're gonna celebrate you have to do it right. That night we saw the most amazing fireworks ever, it lasted about 25 min. We also went to the beach to a town called Arcachon. That was the most beautiful town I've ever seen in France. There were the most amazing 50s / 60s beachhouses ever. And we saw 2 second hand shops which is never a bad thing. We also went to little towns like Bazas, Langon. In bazas I bought a very nice hat for only 8€, it's in mint condition, even the veil is perfectly intact. We also went kayaking, and to my surprise I did very well for the first time. My sister and me did a great job in our kayak. Pictures will come later, haven't uploaded any of them. Au revoir France, Hallo BelgiĆ«


Treasure hunt !!

I've been looking for a muff (handwarmer) quite a while now. The ones I would find would be like 30€ and I didn't want to spend so much money on it. Now yesterday I went shopping in my favourite secondhand store. I was rummaging through the purses. Between all the purses was this black furry thing, but when I looked closer I noticed that it was a muff. The excitement was big, but then I discovered that it was a purse at the same time, that off course made my day !!! It's a black one, and I think it's fake fur, but as long as it's secondhand fur, I don't mind having it, I just don't want new fur, because there's plenty of secondhand items. The price was 4€ but because the zipper was stuck, it didn't open, I got it for 1€. So now I have to try and fix the zipper, but with a bit of oil it should do the trick. Too bad it ain't winter now :) so I can't use it as a muff for a while. But I can use it as a purse :) thank you double function items !!

La vie en france !!!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for 2 weeks to Southern France :). I'm so excited to leave :) it's going to be a blast!! Next tuesday it's the National Holiday of France. That means lot's and lot's of fireworks :). French firework is so pretty !!!! I can't wait for tomorrow !!

Weddings bells!

Here are some pictures of my sister's wedding. It really was so much fun. Lot's of laughing and dancing. And drunken people at the end :) which was a bit funny I might say. We had perfect weather, white wine, beer and a bbq, what more do you need in life :). I'm wearing the most beautiful dress I've ever seen :). A salmon pink poofy dress, with a v-shaped back. My sister threw away her flower bouquet, so funny to look at. It's not a tradition in Belgium, but American movies makes you want to jump for every bouquet somebody throws at you :).


Summer loving with my hats on......... Yesterday was my sister's wedding, it was so much fun :). Tipsy through the night..... with dancing drunk people :)...........and sunny sunshine moods! A lot of drunken pictures where taken of dancing people :), I'll show some later, the ones fit for publicity :). Enjoy your sunday everybody!


Magical sisters

When we're 1 minute into the video the magic starts !!

Why I love my red hair ?!

Red is passion, red is love, red is classic, red is glamourous, red is unique, red is adored ...... RED is LOVE...... I love my red hair because of Pippi Langstrump cause she's so cool, because of Jessica Rabit cause she's so beautiful, because of stylish 50s red haired women, but especially because every other red haired person in the world. Red hair is more unique than any other haircolour in the world, that makes me prood !! My red hair makes me who I am!! Very smart, daring men love red hair, and I love that in a man!!


C'est la vie!!

Just one and a half weeks left and I'm heading off to Southern France for 2 weeks :). So excited, our own little house with swimming pool and barbecue, surrounded but peace and quiet!!! French wine and croissants all holiday long!! C'est la vie.....