Swedens finest

and a new purse! I told you I still had 2 posts about Sweden to go. Well, I decided that I'm only going to do one. The second was going to be about my shoppingspree I had in Sweden. But I think it's going to be more fun if I show you all my pretty things in other posts. So here's the first one. This dress is absolutely beautiful. The perfect bordeaux red with a beautiful print. The front has 2 triangular peepholes and a button. In the neckline there are also 2 buttons, but I didn't photograph it. The dress was a bit too long, but my mother fixed that for me !! And to match it, I woar my reindeerbelt which worked perfectly!! Tomorrow is Belgium's national holiday, but I'm going to Amsterdam in the Netherlands with my friends. Walking around and having drinks all day long!! Enjoy your tuesday everybody!!

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