Dark blue topper

I've been searching for the perfect little 40s/50s hat. But whenever I find one, it's too expensive, it's on ebay and I don't win it, it doesn't ship to my country, always an issue..... Now when I was browsing ebay for hats again. I found 2 of the most darling little hats ever from the same seller. Together they were only $11, so very very very cheap, but I was afraid of the shipping costs, because the seller was in America and shipping to Belgium isn't always that cheap. But my luck had turned and I got both hats for a mere total of $21 which is about €16. So you can imagine my hapiness. Now again stopping with the mumbling. This is how I looked in the morning to go to a thriftstore wearing one of my new old pretty hats. It's crazy to imagine that somebody made it by hand. Oh yeah even the label is still in the hat it says Richard of Milford. I almost forgot to mention the story behind them getting on ebay. The seller mentioned that he was helping out a friend whose grandma needed to go into a retirementhome and because of that they were selling all kinds of stuff that she didn't need anymore. So amongst those things were my 2 beauties. And if you look at it, by me bying those 2 hats, I'm helping an old lady in the future.
And a little hint for my other hat is, it has pink flowers and green stuff, but you'll just have to wait a little bit longer to see it.

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