Freeday on friday

Today I had my day off from work, my freeday on friday. The funny thing is friday in my language (vrijdag) if you translate it literally it really is freeday. It's really sunny today, but the warmth is a bit blleeehh, that's the thing in Belgium, normal heat almost never excist. But we can't complain, it could have been rain instead. I woar one of my dresses that I bought in Sweden, which I will show you more clearly in my chapters about Sweden. Now on my shopping spree I bought 2 pairs of wedges. One were only €3 and the other originally from the 40s/50s (they were old stock) were only €20. But again, I will show them to you later on. I also bought 2 pairs of earrings and a necklace from the 50s, some cute hangers for my clothes and a vintage apron. Ok I don't have my own kitchen yet, but I like to bake cookies or cake ones and a while and it was only €2,5, so what the heck. This is how I looked today. My bangs are getting longer now and I tried to do something different, not perfect yet, because my bangs are still to short, but it's getting there, patience patience patience...

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