I did it again !

For a while now, I've been luring at pretty earrings on a vintage site, wondering if I should buy them or not. Now yesterday I was looking at them again, noticing that they've added new jewelry. That was the moment that I couldn't resist myself !! They added lot's of pretty new stuff! Seeing that the temptation was too big, I decided that I would buy it as a birthday present for myself, since I'm turning 22 this monday :) wooeehooee. Also at monday on MY BIRTHDAY, I'm beginning my first real job and it's at H&M, which I'm really glad with, because it means I'm going to get discounts on cute lingerie, sweaters and other stuff. The 2 earrings (the blue/white and the flowers) were the things I had been luring at a long time !!! The haircombs were to pretty to pass by. I also bought my previous ones at the same site ! Then last but not least, the beating heart :) it only was 90 cent for a pretty heart brooche !! So tiny and cute. Tomorrow is my birthdayparty for my friends who'm I sat in highschool with. So lot's of pictures to come !!! There's also still coming a post about the things I bought last sunday. But until then enjoy your weekend everybody!!!

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  1. Those headcombs are very pretty! Hope you have a good birthday :)