Today I went shopping, it was my day off. Instead of listening to customers, I got to be the customer! The fun thing was, it was birthday money :) so in fact I didn't pay any of it. And the best part is, I didn't spend it all, so there's going to be another shopping spree some time next week. I bought a lot of winterskirts, which I really needed because the most of my skirts were a bit to chilly. I also bought 3 cardigans, a red beret, a purse and one of the prettiest wintercoats ever !! I'm going to show you all this stuff, including my pinup cocktailsticks and the things I bought at the flea market 2 weeks ago, on sunday. Then I will have enough time to photograph everything and sit, relax and blog a bit!! Also on sunday, me and my sister Evelien are going to watch "Paranormal Activity" in the cinema. It's going to be spooky!! Until then great weekend everyone!

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