I was looking through some old pictures of me and I came across this funny picture. That's from when I tried to do curls but didn't leave the curlers in long enough so the end result kind of failed bad !! But it turned out to be a funny picture :). Yesterday I went to dinner with a friend. Before we went to a few stores, bought a new dress I'm going to wear today ! But the cool thing about yesterday was that next to a shoe store there was free Baileys and at Urban Outfitters there was free drinks and BEN & JERRY'S!!!! I ate a whole jar (a little one) of chocolate fudge brownie. Even though it was raining, it still was delicious !! At dinner we had taco's which was really delicious as well! Tonight I'm going dancing!


  1. heeeey, i was in antwerp too( with my big brother) but apparently i missed out on all that free stuff..dedju toch! But i did bought a new skirt at urban outfitters and it was on sale!...me very happy :D! grts

  2. hihi :) it only started at 17.00h, so maybe you came to early :).