Cherry flavoured !

This was todays outfit. I was wearing one of my favourite brooches !!!! My 50s cherries, they're so pretty and shiny, with the little leaves behind them. It can really make an outfit. The sweater I'm wearing is one of my new sweaters. I actually bought it a month ago but still hadn't worn it. It's perfect with a dress or a skirt, seeing that it sits in the waist! It's really cozy and warm too now, for the fall. The colours of my brooch matched perfectly with my dress --> yellow, orange, red and green, how fall can you be!! You can't see the dress all that clear, but it's one of the dresses I woar in the pictures of part 2 of my holiday in France. Instead of wearing my pink earrings that you've seen a whole lot in pictures lately, I woar my new red ones !!

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