A last kiss goodbye

This will be the last post for about 2 weeks or so. I'm leaving tomorrow night for my holiday in Sweden. My friends and me are going on a roadtrip through Sweden. I've been waiting so long to go to Sweden. I'm scared I won't want to come back to Belgium anymore :). You can also see me wearing my badge from work in one of the picture, the one I look rather bad in, I might add, but I got up at 5.45 am and had to work until 5 pm, so an excuse to look a bit bad! It was also very difficult not to wear all my pretty clothes, I had put aside most of them to take with me to Sweden, but managed to keep a few, not to look all that bad at work. So ladies and gentlemen a last kiss goodbye until I come back from Sweden. But please have some patience for the first post when I come back, because I start working the day after I come back, so rest will be needed. But until then, great weekend everybody!!

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