Saturday hair

This how my hair looked today. I'm getting better and better at this :) and I'm super proud of myself! The photos are really crappy though, my camera's battery is still dead. I managed to take one picture, from an odd angle, but in that picture you can see my haircurlthingy more clearly. In the noon I went to a fleamarket, but it was quite disappointing, there wasn't almost anything to look at. But I managed to find some things. I bought a beautiful bicycle brooch and a beautiful tiny jewelry box. Which I would show you if my stupid camera would work. I so need a better one!! My bangs are getting longer by the day. They're allready hitting my eyebrows, I'm curious how I will look without bangs. I've never been that fond of my forehead, but sometimes you need to work on issues you have with yourself! And then I'm also going to be able to do much more hairdo's when I don't have bangs. I'm going to leave now, great weekend everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Looks gorgeous! OK, redheads are always gorgeous I know ;)
    Added you to my fav's.

    Albert XXX