Todays outfit

Finally my camera's battery is up and running!! So outfits and things will be shown again ! This was what I woar today. I was planning on selling this skirt, it's a wraparound skirt, but now while wearing it today I'm not sure I will sell it. The other day, I showed you some feet pictures of mine, and a box with something inside. Well what was inside of it is the beautiful bicycle brooch you see me wearing, I love it !! Now I've got 3 bicycle brooches and 3 completely different ones. Again my hair succeeded very well !! unfortunatelly again on a sunday :) the day I usually stay at home. But it's good practice!! I've find a new and easy way to make kind of a neckroll. First i pinned the hair with bobby pins. But now I roll my hair as a loop into my neck and clip it with a big hairclip placed inside and underneath the roll, so almost no hairclip is showing, and it's much more secure then bobby pinning the hair!! I"m growing my bangs and they are starting to annoye me, but I must resist from cutting them. Because I wanted to find out if I look good with 40s 50s hairstyles that don't have bangs! Pleasant sunday everyone !

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  1. Jammie, jammie!!!
    Dat ziet sjiek uit ;-))