Why is London calling??!!

Sarah, a dear friend of mine, is going to London in February, for well 6 months. As happy as I am for her, I'm so sad to see her leave!! I've only known her for 1 year or so but it feels like I've known her all my life!! We get along so well, so I'm really really going to miss her. Now since she's leaving and doesn't know anybody there and knew that sometimes she would feel lonely, she came up with an idea. The idea is a little book where everyone of us (her friends) write something nice in it. Now because I love her so much, I'm going full overboard and letting my inspiration let loose!!! I want at least 20 pages for her to enjoy in London. Here's a little preview for you. 

It's supposed to be me and the left and sarah on the right :).



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  1. Wilde Jon9:44 PM

    Ma oooooh my God! Dit is zo lief, deze 'stoere' jon is helemaal vertederd nu. ^^