Pam and Popeye!

I bought these 2 lovely items a while ago. Pam cost me about €1. I just love her! I'm Keeping her in the packaging though. Although it says made in China :) you never know she might be worth something. I can at least dream!  And then Popeye, he's a spoonholder to put next to the stove for cooking. He's a strong, strong man, holding my spoons! 

Seeing that photobucket ain't working, I  had to upload my pictures different. So do mind the layout, my pictures are a bit smaller than usual. But Pam and Popeye make everything better! 

Rock-A-Round the Clock PAM

Popeye the Sailorman

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  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    "He's so strong, holding my spoons!"

    Hahaha ZALIG, rosse jovi! That's why I lofjoetoe!!! ^^
    xxx youknowwho *wink*