I'm back!!!!

It's been an extreme long time since I've posted anything. Mainly because I've been super busy. I moved into my new apartment about 2 weeks ago, had a lot of unpacking to do. And off course my apartment ain't done yet, but it's getting there!!! I've been hanging out with Lynn a lot, who I've allready showed you once. She's a new friend of mine, I've only met about 2 months ago, but we get along extremely well!! Basically I've just been to busy to blog. But I'm back and hopefully with lot's of posts. Since I still don't have a new camera :) I know, I would rather buy a dress than a camera, you'll have to do with webcam pictures or pictures from someone else's camera :). To start off webcam pics.


This picture was taken in my old apartment. One of my last weekends there!!

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