I quit my job party II

This saturday, my friends came over to celebrate me leaving H&M. You can't imagine how happy I was!! Today was my first day at my new job and it was good. I will have to get used to the slower paste comparing to H&M. But I don't regret my decision for one bit!! This is how I looked on saturday. My hair was beautiful!! If I might say so myself. I did my bangs different than what I usually do with this hairdo. This style was a lot better!! The collar on the cardigan I'd sewn on myself BY HAND and I'm proud of it !! :) Oh yeah remember the shoes I mentioned a while back. They fit like a glove !! It was like they were designed around my feet, isn't such a thing lovely ! On sunday I did a photoshoot for a photographer which might lead to me being in a museum :) so exciting and and ........ being in a book as a result of the exhibit in the museum. And oh yeah, wine makes me insane :)!




  1. Quite H&M always be a brilliant idea. Good luck for the new job :)