My apartment

Here is another look into my apartment. A better view of the living room, with my ohh so beautiful sofa and darling Mr. Virgil Tracy (character from the Thunderbirds) standing next to the ugly new tv, but usefull though. You can also see one of my radio's from my radio collection. It's the biggest one I own and it comes from my grandmother (on daddy's side). She gave it to my parents and they gave it to me. So it's actually a family piece, which makes it even more special!! Don't confuse the radio with the one sitting on top :) that's a small one, it's the big brown thing at the bottom! And also a picture of a newsstand I bought a while ago for only €2 at a fleamarket and I love it !! Picture of the kitchen and the bedroom will come soon, once they are ready. 

Oh yeah, do mind me in the picture, looking a bit bored and angry :) I wasn't supposed to smile. But maybe a little smile would have been better :). 



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