Yesterday I got an anonymous message from somebody complaining about my header. (which I didn't alow to be on my blog of course.) And why I'd stolen the cover from a cd from El Rio Trio. First of all, I used it by incorporating it in my header. And El Rio Trio has great music, so excuse me for appreciating it! But to avoid more nagging around my head, I decided to change my header. I now used MY tattoo, it's a drawing that was on airplanes during WW2 of the company Memphis Belle. So, there you go, a new header, all shiny and new. Something connected with me, because it's on my body!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for my very gooood readers about my nagging :) but I just wanted to mention this, because I want my blog to be fun and not about people complaining about silly things !!! So thank you, lovely readers for reading my blog :).

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  1. Wat stom zeg, wie houdt zich daar nu mee bezig. Ik vond de vorige header supermooi, maar de nieuwe is ook prachtig!