It's a good day for singing a song!!

Today really was a good day!! A very busy day, seeing that it's easterholiday, and nobody has to go to school. So everybody comes shopping. But I finally got word, that my holiday was approved, I can take 20 days holiday !!! So Sweden here I come. And the sun was shining, allthough I was inside working, the ride home was very pleasant walking to the station without wearing a jacket. Riding my bike home with a light breeze, soo wonderfull!! And tomorrow I only have to work until 1 pm, so I'm going to do a little bit of shopping myself, with free money :). Well not free money exactly, I sold a couple of things again on the internet and earned about €56 and that's all going towards new and new 'old' pretty stuff! Until then, enjoy your tuesdayevening!!

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