Yesterday was really sunny!! Which was perfect because I didn't have to work. It was tattoo time!! My pinup tattoo is finally made and it's perfect! I'm super happy, that I wanted to hug the tattoo artist. But off course I didn't :). The pictures that I promised to post yesterday (pinup shoot and bowling) well, I was kind of lazy and nervous for my tattoo so I really didn't do a lot yesterday. But, fingers crossed, I hope I have time or feel like posting time on sunday! But for now, this is what I woar yesterday and how I did my hair. This dress has been hanging in my closet for almost a year now, I bought it at the very beginning of when I started my blog. But it needed to be shortened and made smaller for me. Unfortunatelly this isn't something I can do myself, yet, I hope. So it took my mom some time to want to do it. Seeing that I buy a lot of vintage things that isn't always the right size. I try to look at it, but this dress was just too beautiful. My hair, well, I'm still experimenting, I'm getting there, bit by bit with patience.

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