Sunny day

Today I didn't have to go to work. Which I didn't mind, the sun was shining and I had the time to do some thrift shopping. This was today's outfit. It's a dress I've had for more than a year now, but it wasn't immediatly one of my favourite, it looked a bit too "Amish people-like". I showed it to you once in one of my very old posts this one. It's not all that clear in the pictures, but it had long sleeves which came over my elbows, it had a white border at the bottom of the skirtpart which made it look even more "Amish people-like". Now what I did today to improve it was, I cut off the sleeves and I cut off the white border. Then matching it with one of my new belts, which is a beautiful pale blue and has a bow, made it more springlike and not so much "Amish people-like". When I went to Herentals, to do some thrifthing, I first went by a very friendly girl who bought 2 dresses from me again, she allready bought 2 dresses and 2 blouses from me. So all the money that I spent today at thrifting come from selling those 2 dresses. Something new "old" for something old. I bought some 50s ceramic plates and cups, which I'll show you some time this week. It's too dark now to take the pictures and I won't have time till thursday to take the pictures. Then I also went to the optician, to repair my new old sunglasses, because the legs from the glasses were too loose, so the glasses slid of my face, but now they're fixed and ready for spring. And finally, I bought products and curlers for me hair, so I can finally get started at curling my hair vintage-like. I first wanted the products Betty Lou uses for her hairdo, but I searched at every store, and didn't find them. But I took her tip that everything saying something like "super strong" was good. So thumbs up for a good result tomorrowmorning!

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  1. jij bent ook superlieffff!! ;-) blij dat je met dat geld weer wat nieuwe leuke spulletjes gekocht hebt ;-) tot binnenkort koopjesmaatje!