Nuts and dinner

I've been having thoughts lately about this dress I bought at H&M a couple of months ago. It's the nutdress I showed you in this post. It hits above the knee and I don't find that length all that flattering. Now I was thinking about cutting the dress into a blouse, but would that be a pitty of a new dress that I bought just a few months ago. What do you say, cut or don't cut???!
Last night I went to dinner with some friends. We went to a Greek called Mezzecafé. I'd never eaten grecian before, but I have to say that it was amazing!! Everything that I tried was delicious. We also ate dessert, it was called Kromos and was made out of cookies, chocolate, butter and lot's of sugar mainly I guess, but oohh my hooww yummy!!! It's defenatly worth going there again! I haven't got any pictures of last night though, because my camera's batteries are still dead, which hopefully will be solved soon!! But until then enjoy and relax on your sundayafternoon.

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