Previous Saturday...

Last saturday, me and Karen went to Hanne and Jana's new appartement. We had a lot of fun!! We ate french fries (which come from Belgium actually). We ate cake with lot's of frosting and candy and we drank Champagne and made ourselves think we were real musicians :). Ok, I'm lying a bit, Hanne actually is a real musician :), next to her day time job she has a group which she sings in named "Gipsy on the Rocks". You should all check her out at www.myspace.com/gipsyontherocks.Afterwards, we went to a local café in Antwerp, called "The Joker". It was a really cozy café. There were some tattoos and rockabilly do's which made it even more cozier.
At the end of the night, we even grew some mustaches and come by some very cute kitties.
Oh yeah and today, I went by a new thrift store in the area and bought myself a cute little glass deer for only €2,5. Which I'll show you on sunday.

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