Me and Freddies!

Oh me oh my!! Today I woar my new pants, yes pants! It's been over a year since I've woar pants again. But a few weeks ago ,after looking at it time and time again, I decided to finally buy the Freddies of Pinewood jeans on ebay. Another reason why at that moment I couldn't resist anymore was that they were on sale!! I only paid € 30 for them, including shipping. I believe that, that ain't much for such quality jeans. And above all, they're brand new, but perfect 40s/50s, so I love them. I allready know now that I'm going to wear them a lot !! I promise to take a better picture soon of my and Freddies. You can also see my new shoes, I bought yesterday at New Look for only € 9, perfect to wear under my Freddies. Tomorrow I'm going to my best friends again, at their new appartement. Going for a drink and sleeping over. Probably being very lazy all sunday long! Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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