Here it is then, finally the post I've been promising for a while (at least part of it). I decided that I would be better to show you the clothes I've bought recently when I'm wearing them. This gives you a better look of the clothes then on the hanger. Finally, I get to show you the beautiful fur I got from my grandmother. So pretty and matching to my haircolour! I also find a 3 ceramic cat in black and a different height, so now it's a little cat family, mommy, daddy and baby. Next to that is the most beautiful glass deer I told you about. The legs kind of remind of Dali paintings, where the elephants' legs were miles long! You can also see the pretty red necklace my grandmother gave me together with the fur collar as a little extra. Then I also got the cd from Seasick Steve which is awesome!! A little book about kitty cats. And something I bought a long long long.... time ago, where the pinup cocktailsticks in pale pink, blue and yellow. I desperatly need to give a cocktailparty that I can use them :). That's the negative part on still living at home, you can't give cocktailparties whenever you want because of the parents off course. Last, but not least, the most beautiful paper coasters ever !!! They are from babycham and are really really cute. Seeing that I'm fond of babycham, this really made my ebayday when I bought them.

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