Shoes and gifts

Last week, I decided it was time to clean out my closet again. I pulled out 20 things (dresses, skirts....) that I didn't wear anymore. Seeing that they were just hanging there, I decided to sell them. Immediatly I sold 4 dresses, which made it possible to buy these pretty shoes, that I've been drewling over for about more than a month. So, in fact, they are for free :) because I didn't have to use new money :) but I just sold some stuff. Some time this week they will arrive. They look very comfortable and hopefully they will be too. If you look at the first pictures, you can see that the shoelaces have the prettiest ends ever, they have a pretty piece of leather at the end, which makes the shoes even more cute.
Do you remember the shoes I told you, I was getting for my Christmas from my parents, well they haven't arrived yet, so some time this week they will also arrive, so that means it's going to be a shoeweek for me !!! Another thing, on thursday, Christmas' Eve, I had to work at H&M. Then when it was time to go home, we all had to come into the office and we received a giftcertificate of € 30. Which is great, because I allready had a leopard sweater hanging aside, but now it's going to be a present from work and I don't have to pay it myself :). The big bonus is with my discount, I can also buy a pretty blouse with a bow in the front, ooohh how I love working at H&M :).

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