Living in the freezing cold and the world of chocolate!

It's getting colder and colder nowadays, which is fun but unpleasant at the same time. But they say there's snow coming which I like!!! Today I went to Antwerp with Rebecca and Daisy, 2 of my friends from college. I bought some wintery things, a sweater, pretty skirt and a scarf, which I really needed!! The bad news about the cold is that my pretty red coat is getting to cold for this weather. Which means I won't be dressed in red for long. Unless I put on layers and layers of sweaters underneath :). Seeing that Christmas is coming, it's time to start wearing my mrs Claus poncho :). Besides a little shopping, we went to Antwerp's Chocolate Bar. It all looked so yummy and smelled so amazing. I ate chocolate mousse and drank a coca-cola. Daisy drank hot chocolate and Rebecca ate brownies and her own little chocolate fondue :). So fun, I'm sure gonna go there more!! On wednesday or Friday, I'm finally gonna show you all the things I bought the past 4 weeks. One new thing you can allready see in the pictures is my new tiki purse :) oohh how I love Bamboo. But since I started working at H&M, I still have to get my routine back for blogging, coming home at all those different hours has made it harder to blog, but I'm not giving up!! Seeing that blogging is a kind of relaxation for me :). So more blogging to come, until then freezing monday everybody! Oh yeah, I started wearing my "Red Hot" lipstick from Rimmel. Now I only need to buy "Prep and Prime" from MAC and I'm ready to go!

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