For me...

These are some things I bought a while ago. A beautiful red wintercoat !! I really love it, if you look closely (the picture ain't that clear) you can see that the buttons are golden with anchers on them !! Who wouldn't love that. Another pretty winterthing is my oohh christmastree/jingle bells poncho/cape :). It has a golden metal string in the collar, which makes it extra christmasy. If I would pair it with white boots, I would really feel and look like Mrs Claus :). Pairing them up with my leopard gloves is gonna be so pretty!! Now one of my favourite new dresses !! In the picture it's quiet blue, but it's actually lime green and grey. Oohh how I love lime green, when I've earned some more money, I'm going to paint my room in lime green and pink !! Last but not least, this is not from a while ago, I only bought it friday at work. A leopard bag, very handy for those cozy get-aways or sleepovers. I'm working in a shoe/bag store at the moment (unfortunatelly not vintage). I'm doing this to keep myself busy and not to sit at home all the time, which I hate by the way. And I can't go shopping every day, otherwise my money would not last at long time.

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