The best kind there is !

This is a picture from last august on Mother's Day. It's me and my favourite niece ever, Dorien!! We went to help our grandmother make the food for that day. Because of that we got to wear funny aprons like the ones my grandmother always wears. My niece said at one moment that every time she looked in the corner of her eye she thought our grandmother was standing besides her, but really it was me. We sure had a great laugh that day !! Every time I see this picture it really makes me giggle ! I'm also wearing my home made hat in the picture, it's not all that clear but oh well :). Next week me and my niece are going out to dinner together, as a second part of her birthday present. I allready know it's going to be so much fun !! The outfit the lady is wearing in the picture, I would love to own such a suit, it's so perfect, it's fits like a glove, so flattering, but that's gonna be a long search !

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