Thrifting !!

Friday, I went to my favourite niece Dorien. We had a blast together. We read some of my letters when I was younger that I sent to her, some were hilarious some were so sweet as candy. One letter was from when I was 8 years old, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen !! I stayed the night and we talked a lot !!! But then again it had been almost 2 months since we'd seen each other, in my book that's way too LONG!!! On saturday we went to almost every thrift store in the area of where she lives (in total 3). It really was so much fun !!! Because it was so much fun I forgot to take pictures :). As you would expect, off course I did find some nice things. Besides the things I found, I also got a present from my niece, well actually 2 presents, you'll see tomorrow when I post about all the great things I found in the thrift stores :). Besides posting about what I received and found, I'm also going to post about my hat collection that's getting bigger by the minute :) sort of speak. So that's all ready for you ladies and gentlemens for tomorrow!! Until then, have a nice relaxing sunday to you all !! Photobucket

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  1. hey Hanne,
    i went shopping with dorien (the other one) and i found the most wonderful short black blazer for you in H&m. Its from the regular collection, you know...the one with the black label(not divided). And it was really really short and i loved it. Anyway..thought you should know. I finnaly bought my black long blazer(the one i showed you) and the green satin skirt. I'm so happy. Can't wait to see your hats!