Here are some things I bought recently at thrift stores or flea markets. The 50s blue and white ottoman, I bought at a flea market and I only paid 2 € for it. I was as happy when I saw it as a little kid in a toy store. Especially when I saw the price I wanted to dance all day long. You can also see my new leopard gloves I bought at H&M. They're a longer model which goes perfectly with my green shorter sleeved coat. Next to the gloves you can see a pretty faux fur collar. And what makes it extra special is that the name " Els Verstreken" is stitched inside, so it's quit nostalgic. As it is becoming more and more fall weather I also bought a faux fur headband. I found a great record of "The Ratmen". It's a rockabilly band that started in the eighties and are from Belgium :) my country. They don't play anymore but that doesn't matter :) I love them anyway. Yet again I found figurines of some animal , a mom and 2 children (this time dogs) with chains hooking them on each other, this is allready the 4th one I found so far. I really like 'em and hope to find more and more...... I also bought panties for 25 cent in navy blue with a special seem in the back, not just a line but a pattern, haven't tried them on though :) but it's getting cold, so we'll soon find out of there nice. Then off course one of my favourite finds between the bunch is an old power box with a mirror, it's even gold :). I removed the old powder, now I'm questioning if I'm going to put now powder in or not. So there you go, these were some of my lovely finds......... some time this week I'm going to show you new/vintage clothes and hats !!!

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