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Last weekend, I went shopping by myself so that I could take a good rummage through the clothes. Thinking that it was an ordaniry shopping day without sales, I walked to the thrift shop. But then when I arrived at the shop, I couldn't believe what I saw. On the window were signs that everything was a maximum of 3 euros :). So you can believe how happy I was, seeing that I didn't expect a sale at all. The 4 coloured striped dress must be my favourite item that I bought that day. It will go perfectly with my new pretty shoes I posted earlier about :) which by the way arrived yesterday!! Unfortunatly I still have to wait until tomorrownight to wear them, because I could hardly go cleaning in my new pretty shoes :) can't I. I also bought a 50s pink & white striped dress, it kind of has a diner dress feel to it, I think. Pink ladies style, I can go with my new pink bolero :) just have to find out with what item I already have it will go with, but I'm definitely going to find a perfect combination !! I also bought a simple skirt, with fine red & black stripes, it also has pleads in the front, but you can't see it on the picture. My last and final item of clothes I bought at the thrift store is a perfect long sleeved bolero in red & black, which I think would go perfectly with a black high waisted skirt, what will be my next buy !! Other than the thrift store I also went to H&M. There I found this darling t-shirt in black & white with polkadots and ruffles in the front and it's also sinched in at the waist. I also bought a high waisted light blue with polkadots pantie but it's already in the washing machine, it's so pretty I couldn't wait to where it.
I also bought 2 purses at the thrift store. The black one with the red flower is so funny :) it's made out of a kind of plastic. You either hate it or you love it! I LOVE it !! I thought it was the funniest bag I've ever seen. The blue one in the back, has very pretty details! It's simple but classy! The red one in front I didn't buy at the thrift store, but I bought that at a local indoor flea market. I only paid 30 cent for it. The lady I bought it from said 50 cent and I said okay, but I think she misunderstood me as I was saying "mmmmm" meaning I don't know and suddenly she said oohh okay then 30 cent, so I was happy as a clown. The fun thing is I already had it in black :) so now I have a red one and a black. How cool is that!!! Photobucket

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